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Manage Experiments

Design experiments to run MATLAB® code and visualize, filter, and compare results

Use the Experiment Manager app to create experiments that run your MATLAB code using a range of parameter values. Try different parameter combinations at the same time by running your experiment in parallel. Offload experiments as batch jobs in a remote cluster so that you can continue working or close your MATLAB session while your experiment is running. Use visualizations, filters, and annotations to manage your experiment results and record your observations. Access past experiment definitions to keep track of the parameter values and MATLAB code that produce each of your results.

This page contains general information about using Experiment Manager. For information about experiments for your AI workflows, see Experiment Manager (Deep Learning Toolbox).


Experiment Manager Design and run experiments by using your MATLAB code (Since R2023b)



Debug General-Purpose Experiments

Diagnose problems in your experiment function.