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Web Preferences

Web preferences enable you to specify Internet connection information to MATLAB®.


  • MATLAB supports nonauthenticated, basic, digest, and NTLM proxy authentication types.

  • You cannot specify proxy server settings using a script.

  • There is no automated way to provide MATLAB with the proxy server settings that your system browser uses.

You can set Web preferences on the Home tab, in the Environment section. Click Preferences. Select MATLAB > Web, and then adjust preference options as described in the table below.

Use a proxy server to connect to the Internet

Provide information that MATLAB needs to access the internet when your network uses a firewall or another method of protection that restricts Internet access.

Proxy host

Specify a value for the Proxy host. For example, or ourproxy. If you do not know the values for your proxy server, ask your system or network administrator for the information.

Proxy port

Specify an integer value for the Proxy port. For example, 22. If you do not know the values for your proxy server, ask your system or network administrator for the information.

Use a proxy with authentication

Specifies that your proxy server requires a user name and password.

Proxy username

Specify the proxy server user name.

Proxy password

Specify the proxy server password.


MATLAB stores the password without encryption in your matlab.prf file.

Test connection

Ensure that your settings work.

If MATLAB cannot access the Internet, Failed! appears next to the button. Correct the values you entered and try again. If you still cannot connect, try using the values you used when you authenticated your MATLAB license.

System Web browser
Select Use system web browser when opening links to external sites (recommended) to open external sites in your system browser instead of the MATLAB browser. Using the system browser is recommended when opening external sites.

UNIX® platforms only, excluding Macintosh:

Specify the system Command to open the browser. For example, opera, opens the Opera Web browser.

Specifies the Options for the system browser. For example, geometry 1064x860 specifies the size of the window for Opera.