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RF Budget Analysis

Calculate power, gain, noise, and intermodulation budget for RF cascade elements

You can perform budget analysis of RF networks using the RF Budget Analyzer app or an rfbudget object.


RF Budget AnalyzerAnalyze gain, noise figure, IP2, and IP3 of cascaded RF elements and export to RF Blockset


rfbudgetCreate RF budget object and compute RF budget results for chain of 2-port elements
rfsystemPerform circuit envelope simulation of RF system designed using rfbudget
amplifierAmplifier object
attenuatorCreate two-port attenuator element
modulatorModulator object
rfantennaCreate antenna element modeled as transmitter and receiver
rfelementGeneric RF element object
rffilterCreate RF filter object
nportCreate linear n-port circuit element
seriesRLCCreate two-port series RLC circuit
shuntRLCCreate two-port shunt RLC circuit
txlineCoaxialCreate coaxial transmission line
txlineCPWCreate coplanar waveguide transmission line
txlineMicrostripCreate microstrip transmission line
txlineParallelPlateCreate parallel-plate transmission line
txlineRLCGLineCreate RLCG line transmission line
txlineTwoWireCreate two-wire transmission line
txlineEquationBasedCreate equation-based transmission line
txlineDelayLosslessCreate delay lossless transmission line
txlineDelayLossyCreate delay lossy transmission line


showDisplay RF budget object in RF Budget Analyzer app
computeBudgetCompute results of rfbudget object
exportScriptExport MATLAB code that generates RF budget object
exportRFBlocksetCreate RF Blockset model from RF budget object
exportTestbenchCreate measurement testbench from RF budget object
rfplotPlot cumulative RF budget result versus cascade input frequency
smithplotPlot impedance transformation for selected matching network on smith chart
polarPlot specified object parameters on polar coordinates


RF circuit or rfbudget vs. rfckt Objects

Determine when to use RF circuit, rfbudget, and rfckt objects in your RF analysis workflow.

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