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Create and Analyze Credit Scorecards

Credit scorecard modeling, binning, fitting a model, obtaining points and scores, model validation, probability of default using Financial Toolbox™

Tools for credit scorecard modeling are available in Financial Toolbox.

For information on developing credit scorecards, see Create Credit Scorecards.


creditscorecardCreate creditscorecard object to build credit scorecard model


autobinningPerform automatic binning of given predictors
bininfoReturn predictor’s bin information
predictorinfoSummary of credit scorecard predictor properties
fillmissingReplace missing values for credit scorecard predictors (Since R2020a)
modifybinsModify predictor’s bins
modifypredictorSet properties of credit scorecard predictors
bindataBinned predictor variables
plotbinsPlot histogram counts for predictor variables
fitmodelFit logistic regression model to Weight of Evidence (WOE) data
fitConstrainedModelFit logistic regression model to Weight of Evidence (WOE) data subject to constraints on model coefficients
setmodelSet model predictors and coefficients
displaypointsReturn points per predictor per bin
formatpointsFormat scorecard points and scaling
scoreCompute credit scores for given data
probdefaultLikelihood of default for given data set
validatemodelValidate quality of credit scorecard model
compactCreate compact credit scorecard