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Automotive Applications

Model and simulate automotive systems using Simulink® and other MathWorks® products

Simulink allows you to model and simulate a variety of automotive systems. You can model and simulate the vehicle and environment, and develop control algorithms for automotive applications. These example models illustrate automotive applications.

In addition, the following products extend the Simulink environment for automotive applications:

  • Powertrain Blockset provides fully assembled reference application models of automotive powertrains, including gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric systems.

  • Vehicle Dynamics Blockset provides fully assembled reference application models that simulate driving maneuvers in a 3-D environment.

  • Automated Driving Toolbox provides algorithms and tools for designing, simulating, and testing ADAS and autonomous driving systems.

  • Model-Based Calibration Toolbox provides apps and design tools for optimally calibrating complex engines and powertrain subsystems.