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RF and Mixed Signal

Model and Simulate RF, SerDes, and Mixed-Signal systems

You can use the following Simulink® products to model and simulate radio frequency (RF), serializer/deserializer (SerDes), and mixed-signal systems with greater speed and fidelity.

  • RF Blockset lets you model RF elements and simulate RF transceivers and frontends at different levels of abstraction. You can characterize RF models to model adaptive architectures, including AGC, DPD algorithms, and beamforming. RF Blockset also enables you to conceal model implementation details.

  • SerDes Toolbox lets you model SerDes systems and generate IBIS-AMI models for high-speed digital interconnects. You can observe the effects of ISI, jitter, noise, insertion loss, and crosstalk, and verify channel compliance with industry standards such as IEEE 802.3, OIF, PCle, USB, and DDR5.

  • Mixed-Signal Blockset lets you model ADC, DAC, PLL, SMPS systems. You can also verify mixed signal ICs and combine analog circuit behaviors with digital models to create more detailed representations of electronic systems.