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Save final operating point

Option to save complete model operating point when simulation is paused or stopped

Since R2019a

Model Configuration Pane: Data Import/Export


When the simulation is paused or stops, the software saves the complete model operating point, including block states, hidden block states, the state of the solver and execution engine, and some block output values, to the specified MATLAB® variable.


To enable this parameter, select Final states.


off (default) | on

If you select Final states, the software exports only the final values for block states at the end of simulation. This information might not be sufficient to accurately resume a simulation from the same point.


The software saves complete information about the simulation state as a Simulink.op.ModelOperatingPoint object. The operating point information is stored in the Final states logging variable.

Recommended Settings

The table summarizes recommended values for this parameter based on considerations related to code generation.

DebuggingNo impact
TraceabilityNo impact
EfficiencyNo recommendation
Safety precautionNo recommendation

Programmatic Use

Parameter: SaveOperatingPoint
Value: 'on' | 'off'
Default: 'off'

Version History

Introduced in R2019a

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