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Run models, review results, validate system behavior

With Simulink®, you can interactively simulate your system model and view the results on scopes and graphical displays. For simulation of continuous, discrete, and mixed-signal systems, you can choose from a range of fixed-step and variable-step solvers. Solvers are integration algorithms that compute system dynamics over time.

The integration of Simulink and MATLAB® enables you to run unattended batch simulations of your Simulink models using MATLAB commands.


  • Prepare Model Inputs and Outputs
    Define external interfaces for input data and control signals, define output signals for viewing and recording simulation results
  • Configure Simulation Conditions
    Select solver, set initial conditions, pick input data set, set step size
  • Run Simulations
    Simulate models interactively or in batch mode, create repeatable simulations using the model operating point, run Monte Carlo simulations
  • View and Analyze Simulation Results
    View data during simulation, analyze simulation data, save simulation and analysis results
  • Test and Debug Simulations
    Manage and diagnose simulation errors, set breakpoints, step through simulation time steps and block execution
  • Optimize Performance
    Optimize performance for specific goals, accelerate simulation speed and design efficient models