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I/O and state data for blocks


probe s:b
probe modelName s:b
probe gcb
probe level level-type


probe sets the Simulink® debugger to interactive probe mode. In this mode, the debugger displays the I/O of a selected block. To exit interactive probe mode, enter a debugger command or press the Enter key.

probe s:b displays the I/O of the block whose system index is s and block index is b.

probe modelName s:b displays the I/O of the block system index is s and block index is b in the modelName model.

probe gcb displays the I/O of the currently selected block.

probe level level-type sets the verbosity level for probe, trace, and dis. If level-type is io, the debugger displays block I/O. If level-type is all (default), the debugger displays all information for the current state of a block, including inputs and outputs, states, and zero crossings.

p is the short form of the command.


Display I/O for the currently selected block Out2 in the model vdp using the Simulink debugger.

  1. In the MATLAB Command Window, enter:

    sldebug 'vdp'

    The MATLAB command prompt >> changes to the Simulink debugger prompt (sldebug @0): >>.

  2. Enter:

    probe gcb

    The MATLAB Command Window displays:

    probe: Data of 0:3 Outport block 'vdp/Out2':
    U1     = [0]

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Introduced in R2007a