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System on Chip (SoC)

Combine processor software, programmable logic, memory, and peripherals into complete SoC designs

Create SoC-, MCU-, or application-specific SoC Simulink® models of an application. Use preconfigured model templates or follow the SoC model guidelines. SoC Blockset™ model templates provide design patterns and implement best practices for creating an SoC model. The suggested workflow shows the process to combine processor software, user-specified programmable logic, shared memory systems, and on-chip peripherals to create an SoC model of an application. Use analysis functions and tools to estimate the resources that application uses. Compare different architectures to understand design tradeoffs in partitioning between processor software and programmable logic.

The blockset exports reference designs for SoCs, MCUs, ASICs, and FPGAs using Xilinx®, Intel®, and Texas Instruments™ design tools. Automatically generate hardware and software code, and then execute the application on an SoC device by using the SoC Builder tool. Code generation requires the HDL Coder™ product, Embedded Coder® product, or both.


SoC BuilderBuild, load, and execute SoC model on SoC, FPGA, and MCU boards


socModelAnalyzerEstimate number of operations in Simulink model
socFunctionAnalyzerEstimate number of operations in MATLAB function
socAlgorithmAnalyzerReportOpen algorithm analysis report
socExportReferenceDesignExport custom reference design for HDL Workflow Advisor

Simulink Configuration Parameters


Processor, Programmable Logic, and Memory

SoC Blockset Model Structure

Top level structure of SoC model.

Use Template to Create SoC Model

Create SoC models using Simulink Project templates.

Create an SoC Project Application

Step by step instructions and guidelines to create a SoC Blockset project and models for an SoC application.

SoC Generation Workflows

Choose between the SoC Builder tool and the socExportReferenceDesign function for deploying your design on an SoC device.

Custom Hardware Board Configuration

Develop an SoC application model with a custom board configuration.

Application-Specific SoCs

Configure RFSoC Design Using SoC Model Creator (SoC Blockset Support Package for Xilinx Devices)

Customize and design an SoC model by using the SoC Model Creator tool.

Generate RFSoC Design (SoC Blockset Support Package for Xilinx Devices)

Generate an RFSoC system by using RFSoC support for a fixed reference design workflow.

Use Template to Create SoC Model

Create SoC models using Simulink Project templates.

Architecture and Analysis

Using the Algorithm Analyzer Report

Navigate details of the report generated by the socModelAnalyzer or socFunctionAnalyzer function.


Build Error When FPGA or Processor Model Not Detected

Unsupported mode in when generating SoC design using SoC Builder.

Build Error for Rapid Accelerator Mode

Unsupported simulation mode in SoC Blockset models and projects.

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