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Two- and three-dimensional plots, data exploration, and visualization techniques

MATLAB® provides many techniques for plotting numerical data. Symbolic Math Toolbox™ expands these graphical capabilities by providing plotting functions for symbolic expressions, equations, and functions. These plots can be in 2-D or 3-D as lines, contours, surfaces, or meshes. You can create plots in Cartesian or polar coordinates. You also can create animated plots.

Surface plot of a symbolic expression that is a function of x and y in Cartesian coordinates


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fanimatorCreate stop-motion animation object
playAnimationPlay animation objects in a MATLAB figure window
rewindAnimationRewind previously played animation objects
writeAnimationSave animation as video file
animationToFrameReturn structure of frames from animation objects
fcontourPlot contours of symbolic expression
fimplicitPlot implicit symbolic equation or function
fimplicit3Plot 3-D implicit equation or function
fmeshPlot 3-D mesh
fplotPlot symbolic expression or function
fplot3Plot 3-D parametric curve
fpolarplotPlot symbolic expression or function in polar coordinates (Since R2024a)
fsurfPlot 3-D surface


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Animator PropertiesAnimator appearance and behavior