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Find views associated with view identifiers

Since R2021b



views = findView(vSet,viewIds) finds the views associated with the specified view viewIds and returns the view attributes.


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Create an empty image view set.

vSet = imageviewset;

Add two images.

imageDir = fullfile(toolboxdir("vision"),"visiondata","structureFromMotion");
I1 = im2gray(imread(fullfile(imageDir,"image1.jpg")));
I2 = im2gray(imread(fullfile(imageDir,"image2.jpg")));

Detect interest points in the two images

points1 = detectSURFFeatures(I1);
points2 = detectSURFFeatures(I2);

Extract features descriptors from the detected points.

[features1,validPoints1] = extractFeatures(I1,points1);
[features2,validPoints2] = extractFeatures(I2,points2);

Add the points to the imageviewset object.

vSet = addView(vSet,1,Features=features1,Points=validPoints1);
vSet = addView(vSet,2,Features=features2,Points=validPoints2);

Find the view that corresponds to viewID equal to 1.

view = findView(vSet,1)
view=1×4 table
    ViewId      AbsolutePose         Features              Points      
    ______    ________________    _______________    __________________

      1       1x1 rigidtform3d    {574x64 single}    {574x1 SURFPoints}

Check the feature points that correspond to viewID equal to 1.

ans = 
  574x1 SURFPoints array with properties:

              Scale: [574x1 single]
    SignOfLaplacian: [574x1 int8]
        Orientation: [574x1 single]
           Location: [574x2 single]
             Metric: [574x1 single]
              Count: 574

Input Arguments

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Image view set, specified as an imageviewset object.

View identifiers, specified as an M-element vector of integers. Each view identifier is unique to a specific view.

Output Arguments

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View attributes, returned as a four-column table. The table contains the columns ViewId, AbsolutePose, Features, and Points attribute descriptions.

Extended Capabilities

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Version History

Introduced in R2021b

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