MOOC Support Program

The MathWorks MOOC Support Program collaborates with online course teams to incorporate MATLAB and Simulink into massive open online courses (MOOCs) to make modeling, simulation, and analysis come alive. Work with MathWorks to equip your learners with skills used widely in industry.

“MathWorks support was critical. I would not … and could not have done [the course] without it. MathWorks support was reflected by the MathWorks TA being one of the most active TAs in the class! This also includes tutorials that were prepared for this class, which helped many students to get a head start and to become familiar with the tools they needed.”

Prof. Guillermo Sapiro, Duke University, Coursera instructor

Work with an Experienced Support Team

Collaborate with dedicated engineers who are well-versed in MATLAB and Simulink, instructional design, and online learning. The team employs years of experience working on the major MOOC platform to provide comprehensive assistance for integrating MATLAB and Simulink. You’ll receive advice on content development and assignment creation, and your learners can ask product questions while the MOOC is live.

Give Learners Access to MATLAB and Simulink

Attract learners interested in gaining career-advancing skills by using MATLAB and Simulink—professionally developed, rigorously tested, and fully documented. Learners registered for your MOOC will be granted free access to the latest versions of fully featured MATLAB and Simulink.

“I was first introduced to MATLAB in a mathematics MOOC, and it has become one of my favorite programming environments. Exploring problems and solutions with MATLAB helped me understand the course material better, which improved my overall learning experience. Additionally, MATLAB allowed me to interact with complicated real-life problems that will help me in my future career.”

Vanessa Vierlinger, edX learner

Engage Learners with Online Tools

Increase learner success by utilizing the various online tools MathWorks has to offer. The team will advise you on ways to keep learners engaged, such as through interactive exploration of concepts in MATLAB, sharing code and data with cloud-based solutions, and providing automatic feedback on assignments.

Leverage Educational Resources

Save time creating content that teaches learners the MATLAB and Simulink skills required to complete course assignments. MathWorks provides course instructors with short video tutorials on MATLAB and Simulink functionality to embed into your MOOC.

MathWorks supports instructors on major MOOC platforms as well as some regional MOOC platforms.

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