Why do I receive a message that MATLAB will expire in XX days?

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When I start MATLAB, I receive the following warning message:
ERROR: Your license will expire in xx days.
Please contact your system administrator or
MathWorks to renew this license.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 17 Aug 2022 at 4:00
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 17 Aug 2022 at 19:12
If you are using a Campus-Wide License, follow the instructions in the URL below:
You might receive this warning when the MATLAB license file on your computer has an expiration date set by your Administrator and needs to be updated. If you are the End User of the license, please follow the below instructions:
To update the license file:
  1. Open MATLAB.
  2. Select the drop-down menu under the "Help" button on the toolbar.
  3. Select "Licensing".
  4. Select "Activate Software".
  5. Follow the prompts in the activation client that will now launch.
  6. Restart MATLAB 
The license file will automatically be placed into the proper location through this process.
After restarting MATLAB, if the license file is still not updated, then please contact your License Administrator as they might need to update the expiration date.
If you still receive this warning after performing the steps above, there may be multiple license files on your computer.
To resolve the issue, remove any additional license files that are about to expire. For help finding your license files, please see the following article:
Where are the license files for MATLAB located?https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/99147
A video detailing this process can be found below:
Note: You can check the Service End date in the License Center. Please refer the below instructions for the same:
  1. Log into your MathWorks Account: http://www.mathworks.com/account
  2. Select the License.
  3. Click on the Manage Products tab.
  4. Check the Service End Date.
  5. If your Service End date indicates that your license is not about to expire, then please follow the instructions below. However, if the Service End date indicates that your License is expiring then please get in touch with your License Administrators to check for renewal of the license
If you are the Administrator of the license and you need to change the expiration date of the license, then please follow the instructions in the URL below:
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Dec 2021
There are a few different kinds of licenses that can expire:
  • Trial licenses are typically 30 days -- but trial licenses are never "purchased"
  • MOOC licenses -- these are arranged by the university or professor, and can be set for arbitrary expiration dates. The end user (student) does not "purchase" these licenses.
  • A kind of student license that I have not seen evidence of for at least 5 years, not sure if it still exists. Those licenses had to be purchased on-campus and were valid for 4 months, or 8 months, or 1 year.
  • Academic licenses, by arrangement with Mathworks. These are valid for however long was paid for, typically one year, or however long is required to synchronize up with the institution fiscal year.
  • Standard (commercial) licenses, by arrangement with Mathworks. These are valid for however long was paid for, typically one year, or however long is required to synchronize up with the institution fiscal year

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Jeni Justus
Jeni Justus on 9 Oct 2017
Hello, when I tried to follow these steps, it asks to deactivate the current licence. So I cancelled it. Can you help.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Dec 2017
Sounds like an installation quirk. Says it needs to be updated and then says it doesn't need to be updated. Call the Mathworks and they will figure it out and fix it FAST AND FREE.

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FAIZA maataoui
FAIZA maataoui on 9 Nov 2017
I need keys to activate license matlab r2009b
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Nov 2017
You should contact Mathworks Support if you are having trouble retrieving your license keys for an existing license. The people who volunteer here have no access to the license database.

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kinblu on 24 Oct 2018
Just for the ones who are still facing this problem. I have tried the solution suggested by MathWorks Support Team but it did not work. What worked for me was to deactivate the licence from within MATLAB and then reactivate it.

Frank Uhlig
Frank Uhlig on 20 Apr 2021
Edited: Frank Uhlig on 20 Apr 2021
I have tried the "accepted answer" suggestion twice after restarts and on my mac I cannot even get to point 3, let alone to 4. on "Activation". There is no such clickable 'license' settings as the help answer suggest.
Bad advice. Even the Matworks staff does not know any viable solution. Bad situation all around ...
Here is my advice and answer:
uninstall the worrisome version of Matlab and install a new version. That worked like a charm for me and I am free from licence hassels, hopefully for many years now.
Frank Uhlig
Frank Uhlig on 20 Apr 2021
How interesting;
my troubles are with Matlab 2020b. I have installed 2021a without any licensing problems now and operate it under our University site license allright.
If I follow your arrows, I can get to "Update your licence" all right from 2021a. But I need not worry about that licence right now. Thanks.
Starting from ML 2020b, I can go through help --> licencing and I get no such "update ...licence ' category from the help list that shows up. I have had several unhelpful suggestions from the support at ML (nothing worked in their --> arrow lists since there were broken sequences galore ... and no-one knows what to do with relicensing ML version 2020b.
So I am waiting and just wondering (an experiment) what will happen with my 2020b installation in 10 days from now.
How weird; this re-licensing nonsense must have been started with 2021a and is still unavailable for even 1/2 year older versions of Matlab.
And all of Cleve's men and women can not put this together again.
How sad. How weird!
Thanks everyone for trying to help where no help exists at the moment, or so it appears.
Maybe I should just go through ML 2021a and reset the licence for ML 2020a from there (?) if that is possible {?}, but that sounds so counterintuitive and has not been suggested yet.

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