Deploytool and GUI: limitations?

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Dear all, I'm currently developing a GUI which eventually I'll compile using deploytool. At the moment the main features of my GUI are the following:
- the user can chose an entry from a dropdown menu and then some tables are updated accordingly;
- the user enters some values in the table and a text box is updated after some calculations;
- the user can load and save files through uigetfile and uiputfile;
- the user can plot some curves, which at the moment is done by opening a new figure (the plot is not embedded in the main GUI)
To this extent, will I be able to keep all those features with my compiled gui? Are there any limitations when compiling? Will I still be able to do plots in new figures? If I compile in a 32bit system, will I need to compile in a 64bit system as well to make sure my GUI is compatible with a 64bit system (and the other way around)?
At the moment I don't have the compiler available, that's why I cannot test it myself yet.

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maarten vaandrager
maarten vaandrager on 28 Jan 2014
Hi Lorenzo,
I see no reason why this shouldn't work after compiling. There is only one way to find out ofcourse..
If you compile on a 32bits system your *.exe will be 32bit. 64bit windows is backwards compatible with 32bit programs. But 32bit windows is not forward compatible so a 64bit *.exe will not work on 32bit windows.
good luck

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