PSO-SVM Classification technique

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Deep Tayal
Deep Tayal on 20 Nov 2013
I am trying to use a PSO-SVM classifier for classification in my project. Going thru a lot of research papers I could not figure out 1 thing that how exactly do you predict 'C' n 'Gamma', parameters for SVM using PSO. by reading the papers it looked as if they just applied it using hit and trail method. No paper explains the theory behind linking the output of PSO i.e the gbest n pbest or the best velocity and position to parameters of SVM .
Plzz Help Thanks

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kh rezaee
kh rezaee on 8 Dec 2015
For better classification, I suggest you use PSO to feature selection and SVM to classify data. But combination of PSO and SVM is little difficult.
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Pankaj Kumar Behera
Pankaj Kumar Behera on 27 Oct 2017
can i get some sample matlab codes using which i can optimise c and gamma parameters of a multiclass svm

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Dhemiebabs on 12 Nov 2019
Any update on how you were able to solve this(PSO-SVM) please. I'm presently carrying out the same project and I'm stock at the same point.
I've been on it for months and I'm to present it next month.
Your prompt response is much appreciated.

Seyed Muhammad Hossein Mousavi
I just write a code for combining Neural Networks and PSO for classification task:
Hope it helps :)


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