Frequency weighted RMS acceleration (ISO 2631-1)

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Hello Everybody, I have a EM2_Spd signal from an electric motor in a hybrid car. I want to carry out the Frequency weighted RMS acceleration of the signal. Can anybody tell me how to find out the Frequency weighted RMS acceleration as per ISO 2631-1 to calculate the weighted rms, the running rms and Vibration Dose Values(VDV) ?? Your kind help will be highly appreciated. Thank You.

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Peter Orthmann
Peter Orthmann on 18 Sep 2019
Hello Prajakt,
You probably solved your problem by now, but I can see that your question still gets a lot of views, so it may still be relevant for others:
I found applicable MatLab code made by Mr. Tom Irvine on:
I have not tested it myself, but it appears to be what you asked for.


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