Is there a possibility of real-time processing of Raspberry Pi's real-time output?

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In the motion sensor example in Raspberry Pi support package in Simulink, you can monitor whether the sensor detected any motion if you ran the model in External mode. This is real-time observation. A scope is the output interface. If I want to process the output using some Simulink blocks that are NOT TO BE burned with the other sensing blocks on Raspberry Pi memory, is there a method to transfer the information acquired from one Simulink model to another? Keeping in mind that I need the transfer to be also real-tme. Or is there maybe a way to select some of the model blocks and burn them on Raspberry Pi and others just run through my PC processor? Any help is appreciated

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge on 26 Feb 2014
You can send the sensor output or any signal in the Simulink model to a secondary model running on your host computer using UDP blocks in the library. The demo, "Communicating with Raspberry Pi Hardware", exemplifies this idea. There is another way to do what you want using an External Mode simulation. You can designate a Simulink subsystem to be a "SimViewingDevice". Such a subsystem does not run on the Raspberry Pi. Instead it only runs on the host while running an External Mode simulation. You can find more information about SimViewingDevice in the following link:

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