Hide gui at start and show it once it is ready

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Lorenzo on 15 Jan 2014
Commented: Lorenzo on 17 Jan 2014
Dear all, I've built a gui with quite a number of elements. Now, it shows a little bit of delay in the elements creation at start generating a wavy glitter.
I was thinking of creating the GUI as hidden, let matlab draw everything and then, once it is ready, show it. No problem in generating an hidden GUI but then how do I show it? Where do I have to put the set(myGUI,'Visible','on') bit?

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 17 Jan 2014
Hi Lorenzo,
you created you application "by hand", i.e., using uicontrol commands? Or using guide? In the first case, as you wrote, create your figure invisible ('visible', 'off'), and at the very end set it to 'visible', 'on'.
GUIDE should do this automatically, though.
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Lorenzo on 17 Jan 2014
Hi Titus and thanks for your answer. I used GUIDE. If this is done automatically then I guess that is already answering my question.
Thanks again!

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