Textscan File and ignoring the newline characters

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How can I textscan a file and ignore newline characters?
Giorgos Papakonstantinou
Giorgos Papakonstantinou on 17 Jan 2014
Edited: Giorgos Papakonstantinou on 17 Jan 2014
tmp = textscan(fid, '%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s' , 'delimiter', ',', 'headerlines', 1);

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Accepted Answer

AJ von Alt
AJ von Alt on 17 Jan 2014
Edited: AJ von Alt on 17 Jan 2014
You should use %q instead of %s when double quotation marks are used to indicate text that you want to keep together. Additionally, the parameter 'HeaderLines' should be set to 0 when there are not header lines to skip.
The following code produced the desired result for the attached input.
% Open the file
fid = fopen ('testinput2.txt' );
% number of consecutive strings to read
nString = 10;
% create the datafield template
formatSpec = repmat( '%q' , 1 , nString );
% parse the file
parsedText = textscan( fid, formatSpec , 'delimiter',...
',' , 'headerlines', 0, 'CollectOutput', 0 );
% Clean up

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