user defined equation fit to a dat a set

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I have x axis values=x
y axis values=y
and equation of line to be fit on the plot of data is suppose
d=a*exp(x^b - 2^b)
where a and b i have to find...
so please help me out with this problem

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AJ von Alt
AJ von Alt on 22 Jan 2014
The fit function can use custom non-linear models. The custom nonlinear models article gives an example of how to do this from the command line.
For your model it would be:
f = fit( x , y ,'a*exp(x^b-2^b)')
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aditi on 23 Jan 2014
hey von
I tried using it...but i am getting 'a' value suppose 1 which actually should come 5 and am getting 'b' value suppose should actually be 2...
so m getting very less values than the correct one...

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