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Co-simulation with HDL Verifier and ModelSim Altera Edition 10.1d

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I am attempting to complete the HDL Verifier Tutorial "Verify Raised Cosine Filter Design With Generated Simulink Test Bench. I reach the step "Select HDL Modules for Cosimulation (Simulink). I follow tutortial directions and then press next. The wizard then attempts to launch HDL Simulator but times out/
In the MATLAB Command Window I get the following warnings: Warning: ModelSim Altera edition is not supported by HDL Verifier
In log file I get: Error: (vsim-FLI-3155) The FLI is not enabled in this version of ModelSim.
When I try from Simulink I get: Error reported by S-function 'shdlcosim' in 'viterbi_modelsim/viterbi_hdl/S-Function': Failed to connect to server. Make sure the loaded HDL simulator library is using shared memory
I have found others that appear to have a similar issue, and the answer has been simply that Altera Modelsim is not supported by HDL Verifier.
My question is if there is any work around.

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Tao Jia
Tao Jia on 7 May 2014
Unfortunately, there is no workaround. The best way is to use one of the ModelSim versions supported by HDL Verifier, e.g., ModelSim PE.
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Jeff on 7 May 2014
Hi Tao, I now have cosimulation working using ModelSim SE 6.3g.
My ModelSim will soon be updated to SE 10.3. Version 10.3 is not listed as recommended (but then niether is 6.3). Recognizing that SE 10.3 is not on your recommended list, may I expect it to work with HDL Verifier?
Note that my MATLAB install is still at R2013a

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