Collect output of gui as a regular function

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Lorenzo on 30 Jan 2014
Commented: Lorenzo on 30 Jan 2014
Dear all, I recently asked a question on how to share handles between two different GUIs. This is a slightly different question.
Is there any way to collect the output of a gui once the gui is closed a regular function? Something such as:
function b=myNONguiFunction %this is my main function
a=myGui; %here's my GUI is started, once it is closed it should return a as a result
b=a+1 %here's my main function's task
I was wondering if there's any way to achieve this in a simple way without the need of sharing handles.
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Lorenzo on 30 Jan 2014
Looks like a good solution wven though I don't undestand what he does with the close request function since that way you have to clic twice to get your window to close...
If anyone has a better idea, please share.

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