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Dan on 13 Feb 2014
Commented: Dan on 14 Feb 2014
Is there a way I can disable and enable the interactive behavior of an impoly object programmatically? Specifically, I want to not allow users to move it under certain circumstances. I guess I could use the position callback to move the object back from where it came from but that's a bit inelegant.
Any ideas?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Feb 2014
Use impoly() if you want users to interact. Use plot() if you want to put a polygon but don't want the users to interact with it.
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Dan on 14 Feb 2014
You are (of course) correct! I became fixated on fixing some complex thing which I didn't need to use at all. This is an excellent example of the KISS methodology. My code now alternates between the two functions as needed. Thanks again!

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