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How can you use a GUI pop up menu to display file name in a folder

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Thomas on 13 Feb 2014
Commented: Thomas on 14 Feb 2014
Hey guys, the GUI i made needs to let the user select a text file from a folder, then plot data stored in this text file.
Is there some way i can use the GUI's pop up menu (or even another GUI object) to access files in a certain folder (and perhaps display the file names), allowing the user to choose one.
Im planning to use a while loop which plots data with respect to the chosen file.
Im new to matlab so i only know the basics of matlab coding.
Thanks guys.

Accepted Answer

Sandeep Math
Sandeep Math on 13 Feb 2014
Edited: Sandeep Math on 13 Feb 2014
You could use a pop up menu populated with names of files that you want the user to choose or you could use a push button whose callback opens file selection dialog (see 'uiopen') and the user chooses a text file from here. I think you have figured out how to read the text file (see 'fileread' and 'regexp') and plot it. You could put all this in a script or function file and place it in the callback function for the UI object.
Here is a good set of examples GUIs in MATLAB:

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