I want to develop an Learn++ Algorithm same as Adaboost but small variation..I tried to modify the code of example.m but it was not possible.

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Learn++ Algorithm.For that i will attach an image ..... What i basically need is that an adaboost example should take an user defined inputs in txt file as an datasets and plot result accordingly...i have attached an text file of datasets....this file it should take as an intake.and produce results as same as adaboost.

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Ilya on 14 Mar 2014
I don't know what example.m is to which you are referring.
Sounds like you need the AdaBoost algorithm. Step 2 makes me think you want to boost by resampling. Instead of sampling from Dt in step 2, you could use the entire training set and pass weights to the next weak learner. Then you would boost by reweighting.
Both kinds of AdaBoost, by resampling and reweighting, are available from the fitensemble function in the Statistics Toolbox. Use the 'Resample' parameter to turn resampling on or off.
Ilya on 15 Mar 2014
I have pointed you to the code for AdaBoost, and there are various utilities in MATLAB for reading ascii, xls and csv files. Why not start by reading the MATLAB documentation for all these functions?

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