Passing parameters throughout nested functions

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Salvatore on 17 Mar 2014
Commented: Salvatore on 17 Mar 2014
Hello I've some problems to handle some parameters that I've originally generated in a function which calls (trought callbacks) more functions whic use those parameters and update them. In the following an example of what I mean.
"Data" should be updated by callbacks @myinput and then @mygraph and return to the main function.
I don't know how to handle the outputs of callbacks.
Many thanks in advance for any suggestion.
function Data=Interface()
Data.a = ...;
Data.b = ...;
Data.c = [];
uicontrol(...,'Callback',{@myinput, Data});
uicontrol(...,'Callback',{@mygraph, Data});
function myinput(Data)
Data.c = ...;
Data.a.x = ...;
function mygraph(Data)
A = Data.a;
B = Data.a.x;
C = Data.b;
Data.d = ...;

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Kevin Claytor
Kevin Claytor on 17 Mar 2014
Edited: Kevin Claytor on 17 Mar 2014
Is this in a GUI? I'd have a look at guidata() and at get/setappdata, both of which help solve the problem of handling data in GUI's. Some examples;
function foobar(figure_handle)
figdata = guidata(figure_handle);
data =;
% do stuff
% Store the data again = data;
guidata(figure_handle, figdata);
And for get/setappdata;
function foobar(figure_handle)
mydata = getappdata(some_handle,'data');
% do stuff
% Store the data again
setappdata(some_handle, 'data', mydata);
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Salvatore on 17 Mar 2014
Hi Kevin,
while waiting for an answer I've found the guidata function.
This is the answer to my question.
Many thanks

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