How to I resolve "the operation or expression '(' has no effect" when plotting?

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I am trying to plot two vectors, where QTH is a row vector of length 5. This is the command as it appears in my code:
You can see the first bracket is highlighted and underlined with the red squiggly error mark. When I hover over the error with my cursor I get the message:
the operation or expression '(' has no effect.
Does anyone have any idea why I would get this error for a simple plot?

Answers (1)

Sandeep Math
Sandeep Math on 24 Mar 2014
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Mar 2014
The [] around the 1:5 is not needed.
Using a variable named plot() will usually cause problems.
Also watch out for spaces after names: it can lead to the parser thinking that you are using the "command" form instead of the "function" form.

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