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Using a native terminal command on raspberry pi and simulink programming.

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I am using the raspberry pi to do some image processing. I have a third party mex file of tesseract-OCR (optical character recognition) that works well with MATLAB. However, it is not supported by MATLAB's code generation to program on my raspberry pi.
My question is if I can install tesseract on my raspberry pi and use the native Rpi function in simulink. I assume this may work since the code is ran natively on the raspberry pi.
If it is possible, what literature do you suggest me to read? My ultimate goal is to use tesseract-ocr and have simulink generate the proper code to use it on my Rpi. Any help is appreciated.
Note: my university does not have MATLAB 2014 version so I can not use the ocr() function, which uses tesseract.

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge on 26 Mar 2014
So the tesseract-ocr is available on Raspberry Pi. You need to follow instructions above for installation. Once installed, you can call into the OCR engine from a Simulink model. For an example, look into the following File Exchange submission:

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