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SimEvents Maximum time as Output

Asked by Yousef
on 27 Jul 2011
Hey folks,
I try to build a scheduling model in Simevents that generates entities at a specific time (from the scheduling time of the workspace). An entity will be generated and run through some simultaneous and serial servers (with different service times) which are representing some processes for this entity. For doing that I used the "replicate" block and the "path combiner" block. Now I just want to know which path was the longest and then to make my new operation scheduling. My problem is that the “path combiner” block still uses the entities which are replicated by the “replicate” block. I thank everyone for any help in advance.


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1 Answer

Answer by Devdatt Lad on 27 Jul 2011
 Accepted Answer

Not sure I understand the model enough from your description, but if your system really should have only one entity at a time, and you replicated it just so you could try three different (parallel) scenarios on it, then try using an Entity Combiner instead of a Path Combiner. The former block will combine the multiple replica entities into a single composite entity and carry forward the attributes and timers of the replicas, onto the composite.
This page has information as well as points to examples:

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on 27 Jul 2011
Thanks, this helped me! Actually it works without my timer, but I received the following error message with my timer: "More than one arriving entity has a timer with tag 'T1'. The timers must have unique tags."

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