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commuication between MATLAB TO LABVIEW

Asked by Yogesh Babu on 17 Apr 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Friedrich
on 5 May 2014
Hello , i want to run an .m file on a PC with matlab and another different than the PC where LabVIEW is running on. 1.MATLAB COMPUTER 2.LABVIEW COMPUTER MATLAB act as master here once a push button it should send a signal to LABVIEW and the program should start in the LABVIEW computer.Let me know hoe to do this


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2 Answers

Answer by Friedrich
on 17 Apr 2014
Edited by Friedrich
on 17 Apr 2014

when using Windows consider using DCOM. There seems to be an example for that on the NI page here. On the MATLAB side you would need to use the actxserver function.


Hello Friedrich, It is not working in Windows 8 version.Could tel me Is there any other method to communicate from MATLAB to LABVIEW
Thanks in Advance ..
What exactly is not working? Can you call LabView through DCOM at all? If not, consider contacting LabView to get some assistance to set it up correctly.

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Answer by Brian zhang on 4 May 2014

1. matlab pc remote control labview pc to turn on/off, control any pc program including your labview.
2. using keyboard/mouse emulator control labview pc.
you still need to use your eye ball to look labview pc. otherwise to convert labview program with a state machine with variables controlled by your master.
will that work? try it.

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Thanks for your reply Hello Brian zhang, The aim of the work is to connect a wired connection/wireless connection between two different computers running two different platforms one is Matlab and LABVIEW ... Matlab should generate a pulse or signal after then Labview should start running a program which already programmed

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