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Playing IMPLAY Video programmatically

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Sreedhar karunakran
Sreedhar karunakran on 6 May 2014
Edited: Rotem Mairon on 29 Jul 2018
Dear all,
I composed a movie using WriteVideo after capturing the still-pictures through Getframe. Now I want run the movie programmatically in IMPLAY, rather than directly on implayer's GUI.
I searched all sources but to avail. There is no documentation available about IMPLAY.
I tried using Movie command. There were two problems, that I can not merge audio file and secondly, it was prone to frame size errors when no of frames are more.
I want to 'play', 'stop','pause' implay video by the commands from command window. How that would be possible?. Any help would be appreciated

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Rotem Mairon
Rotem Mairon on 29 Jul 2018
Edited: Rotem Mairon on 29 Jul 2018
I realize that this was asked years ago, but for the sake of other users: You can control IMPLAY programmatically, if you have access to its handle. E.g., by running:
myHandle = implay('someVideo.avi');
Using this handle, you can access the GIU's PlaybackControlsTimer object as follows:
myControls = myHandle.DataSource.Controls;
At this point you can call 'play', 'stepFwd' and others to control the video. E.g., in order to advance the player one frame forward, use:

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