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Tania on 16 Jun 2014
Commented: Roger Wohlwend on 18 Jun 2014
Hey! Can someone explain me the following syntax:
modelfun=@(b,x)b(1) + b(2)*x(:,1).^b(3)+... b(4)*x(:,2).^b(5); beta0=[-50 500 -1 500 -1]; mdl = fitnlm(ds,modelfun,beta0)
mdl = MPG~ b1 + b2*Horsepower^b3 + b4*Weight^b5
In particular I dont understand: (b,x)- this doesnt take any column of the dataset,right? x(:,1)- does this give me the first column of the dataset? x(:,1)-does this give me the second column of the dataset?
In beta0 I specify then the values of b1, b2 and b4? Or what is it for?
Thanks for your help!

Accepted Answer

Roger Wohlwend
Roger Wohlwend on 16 Jun 2014
The variable modelfun is a function handle and it defines the nonlinear model. Perhaps you should read the Matlab documentation about function handles first before you proceed with the regression. The first part of the handle - @(b,x) - tells matlab that the equation contains two variables: b (the coefficients) and x (the independent variables). Afterwards it shows the model.
Yes, x(:,1) is the first column of the matrix x.
beta0 specifys the inital values for the regression coefficients. Matlab needs them as a starting point for the optimization.
Roger Wohlwend
Roger Wohlwend on 18 Jun 2014
It is not in the Matlab documentation. I found it in books.

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