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Toolbox Installation Error

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Raviteja on 11 Aug 2011
Iam using Matlab 7.12.0(R2011a),
I want to install a toolbox provided by
They sent me install.m file to install that toolbox.
after downloading that install.m file I have done the following according to their guidelines.
Reading the archiv
Checksum test passed (9E24734E022F)
CRP Toolbox version 5.16 (R28.12)
CRP Toolbox time stamp 18-May-2011 11:47:48
during installation
Error using ==> mkdir
Access is denied.
No error in the installation I/O process.
errorcode is 95.3
This script is under development and your assistance is
urgently welcome. Please inform the distributor of the
toolbox, where the error occured and send us the error
report and the informations about the toolbox (distributor,
name etc.). For your convenience, this information has been
recorded in:
Provide a brief description of what you were doing when
this problem occurred.
Thank you for your assistance.
"There is an error occurred during installation"
How to rectify this problem.

Accepted Answer

Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 11 Aug 2011
The error is most probably due to the fact that you do not have write privileges in the folder where the install script is does mkdir.
This is possible as you could have made matlab installation folders as read only. Changing this would resolve the issue. I would look at install.m and try and check the directory where it is using the mkdir command. You can confirm whether that directory is read only or not!
Raviteja on 11 Aug 2011
If I want to remove the "Read only option", Which folder in matlab installation folder I have to do ?
In matlab I have following folders
appdata, bin, etc, extern, help, ja, java, lib, licenses, notebook, resources, rtw, runtime, simulink, stateflow, sys, toolbox,uninstall
Which folder I need to disable readonly option?
or otherwise, in which folder the toolbox going to install?
Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 11 Aug 2011
You need to search the install.m script to check where they install it! I would imagine it would be the toolbox folder

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