Nominal variables for dummyvar

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Tania on 23 Jun 2014
Commented: Tania on 23 Jun 2014
Hi! I have a cell array of postcodes. With “postcode=nominal;” I tried to transform it into a nominal variable as I want to create dummy variables afterwards. It creates a nominal variable, but unfortunately it does not contain any columns. It seems not to recognize my postcode column.
Can anyone help me? Thank you!:)
Tania on 23 Jun 2014
Hi, I have created a dummyvar for my postcode variable now: dv=dummyvar(B) But I am not sure how I use this now in fitlm (or fitnlm). Without dummyvar I would do the following: >> ds = dataset(price, bedroom, school, transport); >> mdl =fitlm(ds, 'price~bedroom + school + transport') How do I include my dv now into my dataset? My dv has 29 columns. Thank you! PS: I have my document attached!

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