classification error: slicing struct for parfor loop

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I'm trying to run several calibrations in parallel, however even after slicing all the variables I still get the error: The variable parforloopData in a parfor cannot be classified. Here's the abbreviated code:
parfor (i=1:size(uniqueDates,1))
if( parforloopData(i,1).skip == 0 )
while (parforloopData(i,1).gbest > DEParams.VTR)
% start differential evolution
[parforloopData(i,1).bestmem, parforloopData(i,1).bestval, parforloopData(i,1).bestFctParams, parforloopData(i,1).iterno, parforloopData(i,1).pop] = differentialevolution( DEParams, paramDefCell, objFctHandle, parforloopData(i,1), parforloopData(i,1).objFctParams, emailParams, optimInfo);
parforloopData(i,1).gbest = parforloopData(i,1).bestval;
parforloopData(i,1).ObjectiveFunction = @(x) SVJObjFunDEGulli(parforloopData(i,1), x);
[parforloopData(i,1).posbestSet, parforloopData(i,1).posgbest,parforloopData(i,1).exitflag, parforloopData(i,1).output] = fminsearch(parforloopData(i,1).ObjectiveFunction, parforloopData(i,1).pop(k,:));
if (parforloopData(i,1).posgbest < parforloopData(i,1).gbest)
parforloopData(i,1).bestSet = parforloopData(i,1).posbestSet;
parforloopData(i,1).gbest = parforloopData(i,1).posgbest;
if ( abs(parforloopData(i,1).bestLocalMinimum - parforloopData(i,1).gbest) > reseterrgrad)
parforloopData(i,1).bestLocalMinimum = parforloopData(i,1).gbest
parforloopData(i,1).newSet = minbound+(maxbound-minbound).*rand(1,8);
while (~checkStartingValuesDifference(parforloopData(i,1).newSet,parforloopData(i,1).startingValuesMatrix, diffInStartingValues ))
parforloopData(i,1).newSet = minbound+(maxbound-minbound).*rand(1,8);
parforloopData(i,1).startingValuesMatrix(end+1,:) = parforloopData(i,1).newSet;
parforloopData(i,1).objFctParams.V0 = parforloopData(i,1).newSet(1)
optimParams(i,:) = [uniqueDates(i) parforloopData(i,1).bestSet parforloopData(i,1).gbest];
parforloopData is a struct, which has many of its variables entered in a previous normal loop. I don't really understand why I get the error here, since each loop works on its own slice of parforloopData

Accepted Answer

Jill Reese
Jill Reese on 2 Jul 2014
It might help to store parforloopData(i,1) in a temporary variable inside the loop, use the temporary variable everywhere, and then update parforloopData(i,1) with the value of the temporary before exiting the parfor loop.

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