Running >1 matlabpool jobs with the same local pool

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Eng Hee Yeo
Eng Hee Yeo on 11 Jul 2014
Commented: Eng Hee Yeo on 14 Jul 2014
I have a user who is running parallel jobs using the 'local' matlabpool profile and is encountering problems when running 2 jobs concurrently. He knows that the local system can have 12 workers in the local pool, and so he divided the 2 jobs using 6 workers each, but with the same command:
matlabpool close force local
This seems wrong, but I cannot find anywhere in the documentation to verify my suspicions. Can anyone advise?

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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 11 Jul 2014
Maximum of 1 MATLAB worker per CPU core is recommended. This does not include hyperthreaded virtual cores. As an examples, if you have a dual core i5 processor, then it is recommended you start a local pool of 2 workers. Any more workers will mean they fight for cpu time and you most likely won't see any gain in performance.
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Eng Hee Yeo
Eng Hee Yeo on 14 Jul 2014
Thanks Shashank, but this is not what I am asking. My server has 12 cores, so, 2 x 6 workers is fine and there is no resource contention. My original question is whether it is correct to run 2 separate jobs using the same local matlabpool, with 6 workers each. What happens if one of the jobs issues a command like "matlabpool force close local"? Will the other job be affected?

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