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how to use options for voronoin function in matlab

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hai, I have a few points & I can construct voronoi diagram with these points using voronoin function. But I want voronoi vertices and neighbouring vertices to each vertex as output. I tried using options 'Fn' as stated in ( web page. Itis not showing any error ,also not changing output.
my code: % A contains x and y co ordinates of points in columns [u,v]=voronoin('x',{'Fn'})
Thank you

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Elena on 3 May 2011
I have the same problem. The Help pages of voronoin in MATLAB say that you can use this options, but I cannot see how you should do that, as they can give different output, while the function is defined only to give out Voronoi vertices V and Voronoi edges C of each cell. I would like to get also the indices of the input points lying in each cell, and was thinking of using 'Fv' option. However, it didn't work. Maybe we have to change the mex file to make it work? (identifying more outputs). But, I did not find qhull c files in my MATLAB installation folder, so I guess their are not available. So, how to solve this problem?
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Peyman Obeidy
Peyman Obeidy on 27 Sep 2018
I have the same question

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