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I was trying to reconstruct an image using block matching algorithm. When i tried to do so, i have got an reconstructed matrix with non zero elements. But when i tried to plot it using imshow, it appears to be a blank (ful black) image.Kindly help me

Asked by jeffin on 15 Jul 2014
Latest activity Commented on by jeffin on 16 Jul 2014
fruca(r:r+N-1,c:c+N-1) = A1(r+N+y2:r+y2+N2-1,c+N+x2:c+x2+N2-1)+ temp(r:r+N-1,c:c+N-1);
here, fruca is the reconstructed image. A1, the orginal image and temp,the prediction error added to it. (r:r+N-1,c:c+N-1) is the block size in the image.

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You could improve the way you ask the question. The text in the subject of the question should be on its body. And it's impossible to reproduce the problem, because you didn't give enough information about the images.

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