How to center-align uitable cells which are all numerical values?

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I've found quite a few answers on this but they mostly discuss the strings. I have numerical values.
Some answers mention setting 'ColumnFormat' to 'bank' which a) doesn't seem to work for me, the cells remain right-align and b) this changes the format of the number where I'd like to keep the default formatting.
Does anyone have an advice on how to align numerical values in my uitable (I only have numerical values - no strings)?
Thank you in advance.
Milos Krsmanovic
Milos Krsmanovic on 19 Aug 2021
Edited: Milos Krsmanovic on 19 Aug 2021
I mean, I was interested in if it's possible to do it with numerical values, as in a general question.
In particular, I have a for loop that reads an array of strings, then uses them to match conditions and pull the data from a table:
crit1 = {'Some','Key','Words','Here','To','Set','The','Criterion'};
crit2 = {'More','Too'};
e = numel(crit1);
for i = 1:e
data(1,i)=num2cell(mean(tableName.As(results.TableHeading1==string(crit1(i)) & tableName.TableHeading2==string(crit2(1)))));
I use the data to plot the uitable on a figure. But sprintf wouldn't fit in this for loop, would it?

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Accepted Answer

darova on 20 Aug 2021
Here is an example. Read more about sprintf
crit1 = {'Some','Key','Words','Here','To','Set','The','Criterion'};
s = sprintf('%10s\n',crit1{:}) % 10 places, \n - new line
s =
' Some Key Words Here To Set The Criterion '
darova on 21 Aug 2021
  • Seems like a lot of work for something so elementary.
I agree. But basically you don't ask for aligning but for adding some spaces left/right
Here is another approach using strjust
crit1 = {'Some','Key','Words','Here','To','Set','The','Criterion'};
sl = cellfun(@length,crit1); % length of each word (cell)
sform = ['%' num2str(max(sl)+2) 's']; % string format for sprintf
s0 = cellfun(@(x)sprintf(sform,x),crit1,'uniformoutput',0) % add blanks/spaces
s0 = 1×8 cell array
{' Some'} {' Key'} {' Words'} {' Here'} {' To'} {' Set'} {' The'} {' Criterion'}
strjust(s0,'center') % align word by center
ans = 1×8 cell array
{' Some '} {' Key '} {' Words '} {' Here '} {' To '} {' Set '} {' The '} {' Criterion '}

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