How to connect load cell (with HX711 and arduino) to simulink

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I am trying to use Load cell with HX711 to read the weight on Simulink through arduino. I tried to search a lot, but did't get anything. Please let me know How can I link load cell with HX711 to simulink to measure weights. Any help will be greatly appreciable.
Please note I am using arduino.

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 27 Aug 2021
Hi Aakash,
This sensor is currently not supported by Simulink support package for Arduino hardware.
But you can add custom Simulink block for any sensor by following this simple guide:
aakash dewangan
aakash dewangan on 29 Aug 2021
Can u please be more specific. I looked into the link provided by you. But got confused. Please.
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 30 Sep 2021
There are two workflows in the link that I shared:
  1. Create a Digital Write Block: This will help you understand the concept of creating a custom driver block for your application
  2. Create Custom Device Driver Block for Arduino Library: This will walk you through the process of adding a block that uses 3rd party libraries.

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