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Launch a file with a popupmenu without Switch

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Hugo on 31 Jul 2014
Edited: Hugo on 1 Aug 2014
Hi everyone ,
i have a question about popupmenu :
rep_moteur = '.\modele\electrique';
ext_moteur = '*.m';
chemin1 = fullfile(rep_moteur,ext_moteur);
list_moteur = dir(chemin1);
set(handles.modele_2, 'String', {'',})
The files are : ME_1.m and ME_2.M
i got this code to put the 2 Files from the folder in a popupmenu call : modele_2
How could i launch the file Selected ? ( it's about the String i think )
if select ME_2.M , it launch and save the variables.
save ME_2.mat;
Thank you !


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Answers (1)

Sabarinathan Vadivelu
Sabarinathan Vadivelu on 31 Jul 2014
Edited: Sabarinathan Vadivelu on 31 Jul 2014
If it is a script, Just include the file name " ME_1 " in the editor window.
Like this:
str = str2double(get(handles.modele_2,'String'));
switch str
case 1
case 2


Hugo on 31 Jul 2014
I did a Switch way but i don't want because it need to create all the case about the motors . later the folder will contain 20 or more Motor that's why i would like to be able to launch the file about the string selected.

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