Add new window to OpeningFcn of MATLAB gui goes to back of main window when running

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I have a 'Main_window' in MATLAB guide. I want open a 'New_window' when I run 'Main_window', So I add this code in 'OpeningFcn' of 'Main_window' :
When I run 'Main_window', 'New_window' goes to back of 'Main_window'. I want it in front of 'Main_window' after running.
What should I do?

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 31 Jul 2014
Jack - to be clear, you want to launch a second GUI from the first without any user interaction such that the second GUI appears in front of the first? If so, try adding the line of code New_window() to the OutputFcn of the Main_window.
Ben11 on 31 Jul 2014
Maybe in the CloseRequest function of the New_window? I don't know the exact word for it actually sorry. The idea being that the program resumes to Main_Window only when New_Window is closed.

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