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predict does not work with a crossvalidated tree?

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Tania on 1 Aug 2014
Commented: Tania on 1 Aug 2014
Hey, I am trying to do the following: rtree =,Y,'crossval','on'); pred = predict(rtree,X)
But unfortunately I get a error message.
Does anyone know what I can use instead of pred?
Thank you!


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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 1 Aug 2014
When you use the 'crossval' 'on' flag you get a partitioned model as an output. You can predict from this model using

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Tania on 1 Aug 2014
Great, it worked!:) Do you know maybe also the other to this question: What is the difference between 'control depth' and 'pruning' in the 'improving classification and regression trees' documentation:
I dont understand why they do both...?!?Both are trying to find the optimal depth through cross validation...

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