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How to create train data for 1d CNN

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I try to reshape data for be the inpput of CNN started with reshape XTrain to 4d
but the error say "Error using categorical (line 358)
Could not find unique values in DATA using the UNIQUE function. Caused by:
Error using matlab.internal.math.uniqueCellstrHelper
Cell array input must be a cell array of character vectors."
my train data set is 2016 x 3 double
how I can get the input for CNN network (YTrain)
%% Reshaped input
XTrain = reshape(trainset,[1 2016 1 3]);
% Creat the labels
YTrain = (trainset(:,3));
YTrain = num2cell(YTrain);
YTrain = categorical(YTrain);
KSSV on 14 Sep 2021
What is your input and out put? What exactly is the targetted problem? You know for CNN inputs should be images/ matrices.
Parichada Trairat
Parichada Trairat on 15 Sep 2021
my input consist of load demand, holidays and time sample
I want the load demand for output
the problem is prediction load demand

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Anshika Chaurasia
Anshika Chaurasia on 17 Sep 2021

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