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Extracting value from Name-Value pairs using the Name string

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Let's say I have a variable called 'test'. test is a 1x2 struct array with 2 fields - Name and Value.
test =
1×2 struct array with fields:
When I open the variable 'test', this is how it looks. Each of the fields have 2 values (2 pairs of name-value pair)
How can I extract just the value of the name 'long_name' without using positional index?
Using positional index, I can do it using the following code
But I want to use the name string 'long_name' to find the corresponding value, as the 'long_name' may not always be at the 2nd position in other variables like test.
Any leads on how I could do that?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 14 Sep 2021
test = struct('units', {'degrees_east', 'degrees_north'}, ...
'long_name', {'longitude', 'latitude'})
test = 1×2 struct array with fields:
units long_name
theNames = {test.long_name};
findSpecificName = ismember(theNames, 'longitude');
T = test(findSpecificName)
T = struct with fields:
units: 'degrees_east' long_name: 'longitude'
q = test(ismember(theNames, 'latitude')).units
q = 'degrees_north'




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