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Matlab Extract images from a subplot in .fig format

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How can I extract images from a subplot figure. fig?
Here is the fig file… and the fig of interest is… I want to save the fig of interest into a png file. I am not very familiar with subplots just a beginner in Matlab coding thanks.
I tried with this code but it didn't give me the output I needed.
fig = openfig( 'IC_01.fig' , 'new' , 'invisible' );
imgs = findobj(fig, 'type' , 'image' );
thiscmap = get(fig, 'colormap' );
for K = 1 : length(imgs)
thisimg = get(imgs(K), 'CData' );
% now do something with it for illustration purposes
thisfilename = sprintf( 'extracted_image_%03d.jpg' , K);
imwrite(thisimg, thiscmap, thisfilename);
Thank You.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Sep 2021
fig = openfig( 'IC_01.fig' , 'new' , 'invisible' );
imgs = findobj(fig, 'type' , 'image' );
im_wanted = imgs(4);
ax = im_wanted.Parent;
thisimage = im_wanted.CData;
thiscmap = ax.Colormap;
imwrite(thisimage, thiscmap, 'extracted_image.jpg');

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