How to synchronise two time series data with different sampling time in MATLAB?

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Arshey Dhangekar
Arshey Dhangekar on 2 Oct 2021
Commented: Mathieu NOE on 5 Nov 2021
There are two sensor measured power and temperature and they have 4 mintutes sampling time difference. I want to synchronise time of power and temperature sensor data. How can I synchrnoise in csv data file? it because around 9440 obeservation the time difference between two devices become 10 minutes which created problem graph plotted. how can I use interp1 to sychnronise two different time data?

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 4 Oct 2021
see my suggeston below
the new common time vector is sampled with only N = 100 here , but you can adjust this to your own needs
T =readtable('sample file.xlsx','Format','auto');% Sr no_Temperature_sensor Sr no_Power_sensor Time_Temperature_sensor Time_Power_sensor
Time_Temperature_sensor = str2double(T.Time_Temperature_sensor);
Time_Power_sensor = str2double (T.Time_Power_sensor);
Temperature_sensor = T.SrNo_Temperature_sensor;
Power_sensor = T.SrNo_Power_sensor;
% common time vector
common_time_min = max(min(Time_Temperature_sensor),min(Time_Power_sensor));
common_time_max = min(max(Time_Temperature_sensor),max(Time_Power_sensor));
N = 100;
common_time_vector = linspace(common_time_min,common_time_max,N);
% interpolate both data sets on common time vector
Temperature_sensor2 = interp1(Time_Temperature_sensor,Temperature_sensor,common_time_vector);
Power_sensor2 = interp1(Time_Power_sensor,Power_sensor,common_time_vector);

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