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Exporting Curves to Density Plot

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I have a few curve-fitting objects from applying a Gaussian fit to a histogram as shown below. The curves come out fine, but I'm now trying to save those curve values and turn them into a "density" plot (birds eye view of multiple histograms). Any advice on how to save these data values so I can use them in another graph?
f = fit(x,y,'gauss1');

Accepted Answer

Abhiroop Rastogi
Abhiroop Rastogi on 27 Oct 2021
Hi Kendall,
You can extract the data from the curve variable "f", obtained using the "fit" function, by using the coefficients that are stored in the variable "f", as shown in the example below. The values of the coefficients "a1", "b1", and "c1" can be extracted using the notation "f.a1", "f.b1", and "f.c1" respectively.
x = randn(100,1);
y = randn(100,1);
f = fit(x,y,'gauss1')
f =
General model Gauss1: f(x) = a1*exp(-((x-b1)/c1)^2) Coefficients (with 95% confidence bounds): a1 = 0.2424 (-0.4642, 0.949) b1 = -0.7989 (-1.603, 0.005255) c1 = 0.4243 (-0.8226, 1.671)

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