Interfacing ADS1115 with raspberry pi in matlab

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I am trying to get a signal sampled by ADC interfaced with raspberry pi via Matlab. The code is as follows,
mypi = raspi i2cadc = i2cdev(mypi,'i2c-1','0x48') act_val=0; for i= 1:1:1000 writeRegister(i2cadc,1,hex2dec('C3E3'),'uint16'); %single shot 860fps (Config register) while (value ~= 50147) % wait until the MSB of conversion register has changed) [value]=readRegister(i2cadc,1,'uint16'); end [value1]=readRegister(i2cadc,0,'int16'); %(conversion register) act_val1(i)=value1; act_val(i)=(value1*4.096)/32767.0; end figure;plot(act_val1); figure;plot(act_val);
My input signal is 50 Hz sine, I have configured the ADS115 at 860fps and i am reading the signal from channel A0. The signal which is read from the conversion register is just some random noise rather than the actual signal. I don't know what is the problem with the code, but hardware wise the connections are intact and correct. Kindly let me know the issue with this code.
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Andres Ruvalcaba
Andres Ruvalcaba on 28 Feb 2020
Edited: Andres Ruvalcaba on 28 Feb 2020
Did you get this reading correlctly?

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge on 8 Sep 2014
It is rather late but the issue with the original code is this line:
Datasheet for the device says that you need to send the high byte first followed by the low byte for the 16-bit register value. The code above does the opposite. The code should have been:
writeRegister(i2cadc,1, swapbytes(uint16(hex2dec('C3E3'))),'uint16');
Likewise, you need to do a similar transformation when reading the raw ADC conversion value from the conversion register. Look at my ads1115 class for details.
I posted a MATLAB class to read ADC conversion results from the ADS1115 here.

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Mohamed BOUTOUBA on 23 Nov 2018
Hello everyone,
Please I have to read an analog signal using Raspberry so I bought a ADS1115 but unfortunately I do not have any idea how to use it ; Can anyone sent to me the matlab code or a blocunder Simulink to solve it; PLEASE :/
My email is :

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